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Fabric performance and style


Georgette crepe


  Warp and weft yarns were used double Z and double s strong twist yarn, in yarns in the process, so that the direction and latitude to generate two shrinkage in the opposite direction of the micro crepe trend, fabric after dyeing and finishing, with micro crepe trend of white cloth into small wave of high-grade fabrics with. The fabric with two strong twist yarn, yarn softness of handle, with imitation linen yarn, fabric style with the effect of imitation linen fabric, comfortable to wear cool. It not only has the sweating is not personal characteristics of linen, and the sweat absorbent breathable effect, manufacture high-grade summer lining clothing fabrics ideal, is also the manufacture women decorated apparel fabrics, the first choice.


The different bamboo poplin


  Warp selected two yarn as raw material and are arranged according to a certain proportion, the organization of tofu after dyeing and finishing, and dyed fabric, the same effect, cost than dyed low, three-dimensional fabric and color weaving is the same, plus the Cukuang bamboo joint effect, brocade fabric is preferred high-end apparel fabrics.


The word lattice in the warp


  In the word lattice fabric warp and weft yarn of two kinds of raw materials were used to, Tsudakoma electronic dobby air-jet loom production. Tofo after dyeing and finishing presented two colors, "" word, has the dual effect of jacquard fabric and yarn dyed fabrics, fabrics, three-dimensional sense of strong, is the ideal choice for manufacturing high-grade clothing and decorative fabrics.


Di Mo Ling 


  Fabric organization need 16 heald, complex structure, use Germany automatically put on full mechanized face and Japan Tsudakoma electronic dobby air-jet loom production, fabric, three-dimensional sense of strong, feel full, breathable, high-grade shirt ideal choice.


Adult word oblique


  Fabric weave complex, a larger circulation (meridional 192 * 2), twill spacing and fabric appear rugged "people" word pattern effect, three-dimensional sense of strong, cotton fabric is breathable and comfortable is ideal for manufacture jacket fabrics and trousering.


Conductive fabrics


  Conductive twill warp and weft to use conductive yarn, and in accordance with the spacing of 0.8cm set, after dyeing and finishing after conductive yarn in a box shaped arrangement, fabric style is elegant and satisfy the antistatic fabric of national testing standards, oil, coal, and electronics industry tooling required materials.



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