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    Our company produces the "Baqiao" brand yarn, evenness, low rate of single yarn strength unevenness, neps and impurities and less hairiness, 000 meters less yarn faults and quality level among the textile industry in Shaanxi Province of China, the brand is known throughout the country, by the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region customer recognition and welcome. The main representative products have high count cotton combed yarn series, combed polyester cotton blended yarn series, super fine denier series, series of viscose and closely spinning series five major categories of products, the yarn from the 40s to 200s. The company has domestic and international first-class level of spinning equipment and testing equipment, and has a strong technical staff team, product quality is always maintained at the USTER 2007 bulletin 25% ~ 5% level, can provide quality products for all kinds of textile industry, product quality can meet all customer needs.
    Baqiao brand of fabric, the quality inspection standards implementation GB/T406-2008, GB/T5325-2009, FZ/13013-2011 new standard, first-class goods rate is up to 94%. The company has the international first-class level of St ubli automatic wearing machine, Carl Meyer sizing machine and Tsudakoma ZAX-9100 series of air jet loom, mainly on behalf of products: from strong twist crepe de Chine yarn and the Bali yarn production of fabric, a variety of small jacquard decorative fabrics, by the difference of fiber happened in the high allocation than different by different weft fabrics, knitted fabrics, using modified cationic polyester filament, modal, viscose, polyester fine denier fiber development and production of high value-added products high count and high density satin. Company long-term adherence to the "quality of survival, in order to develop efficiency," the goal, to "customer needs" for the purpose, and constantly strengthen the basic management, quality inspection standards lead to implement the new standards, to ensure product quality to maintain the leading position in the industry.
    Baqiao brand of yarn and fabric in the domestic market are mainly sold to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other coastal area for the production of high-grade fabric and other textile products, annual sales income of more than RMB 5 million yuan, the company is actively products fully into the international market, real, export more than $20 million.

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